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Avoiding to negotiate is costing you money!

If you avoid negotiating because you find it too uncomfortable, well then you not only miss out on many opportunities, you also lose a lot of money.

If you don’t ask you don’t get. If you don’t negotiate you will end up paying the full price.

If you don’t negotiate your salary you will never be able to get the pay rise that you deserve. People don’t just hand something to you, you need to ask for it and then negotiate.

If you have a fear of negotiating, chances are you try to avoid it. If you avoid negotiating, you will never lose your fear of it. What you need to do is expose yourself to negotiations; embrace it by practising to negotiate as often as possible. Fortunately, there are many opportunities where you can practice and improve your negotiation skills daily.

Whether it is negotiating with your kids over bed time, your spouse over where to go for dinner, the bank over fees or at work over workload, there are opportunities everywhere to negotiate. Treat as many interactions as possible as a negotiation and you will get over the fear of negotiating. You will become more comfortable negotiating and asking for what you want without feeling selfish.

A good strategy is to start off with small negotiations in small day to day situations and once you become accustomed to those move to bigger ones. This practice will help you improve your listening skills, you will gain confidence and be able to communicate better.

You will begin to see negotiation as a process towards coming to an agreement, rather than an argument, making you feel more comfortable during high stakes negotiations.

Remember, lack of negotiation is costly as you will be leaving a lot of money on the table which then plays right into the hands of the other party.

Here is a task for you: Over the weekend think about the situations that you can negotiate on next week:

your mortgage – your electricity bill – your credit card fees- your workload- your salary

Then start negotiating!

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