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Negotiation skills training to create empowered and highly capable negotiators

Negotiation is a form of conflict resolution whereby a skilled negotiator is able to think clearly when faced with conflict, applies emotional and spiritual intelligence and is able to quickly assimilate to different situations.

Having tried and tested what works and what doesn’t we have developed our workshops with real-world experiences from high complex negotiations to simple transactional negotiations. Whether you are negotiating with customers, suppliers or work colleagues, we teach negotiation to resolve conflict and negotiation to yes.

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Our negotiation workshops are challenging, engaging and interactive to build confidence and self-awareness and unlock creativity to create additional value in negotiations. Negotiation skills are learned with our simulated programs to achieve the best possible outcome and maximum return on investment.

We use Lewin’s 3 step process in order to achieve the right behavioural change. The engagement starts long before the negotiation workshop and ends once we are satisfied that the learnings have been embedded.


Negotiation Workshop

Negotiation skills for confidence

Negotiation skills training.

Need good negotiation skills in Business? Are you negotiating with suppliers and clients? Do you need to resolve conflicts effectively?

Our interactive negotiation workshops deliver effective negotiation skills.

This highly interactive workshop takes your negotiation skills to the next level. The workshop challenges mindsets and promotes a change in behaviours. The practical tools help transform the way business professionals negotiate.


  • Challenges the participants on their behaviours, emotions and attitudes towards negotiation.
  • Covers the emotional aspects of negotiations as well as the practical and structured approach.
  • Participants will conduct several real-life negotiations which provides the opportunity to practice.

 By the end of the workshop the participants will walk away with a high level of self-awareness that will allow them to understand what they need to change in their behaviours to be better negotiators. A suite of tools will allow for better preparation, effective questioning, understanding the other party’s needs and pressures, creating value in a negotiation and  understanding how to control the other party and the negotiation process.


Strategic Preparation

Negotiation skills and strategies

This workshop is designed to work on preparing strategically for an upcoming negotiation.

For the advanced negotiator who wants to improve their negotiation skills and become more strategic in their approach and understand how to create value in highly complex negotiations.


  • Provides clarity on how to structure the negotiation process.
  • Provides clarity on how to understand the other party.
  • Provides clarity on how to be strategic in order to get the desired outcome.
  • Helps to develop a structure in order to predict outcomes that create value for both parties and continue with an ongoing relationship.

 By the end of the workshop, the participants will have a clear understanding of what is important in their negotiation, how to approach their negotiation and what outcome they should be working towards.


How to have difficult conversations successfully.

Avoiding Difficult Conversations? In business difficult conversations are inevitable, whether it is with a work colleague, a client, a parent or a supplier. More often than not it is the tough conversations around poor performance or inappropriate behaviours that we find so difficult to handle.

T H E   W O R K S H O P


  • why do people avoid difficult conversations?
  • what makes a conversation difficult?
  • Outlines the different types of difficult conversations.
  • Raises self-awareness and understanding what to change.
  • Teaches you how to use the appropriate tone of voice, how to disarm a heated conversation and understand the other party and deal with their emotions.
  • Teaches you how to approach the conversation from a non-judgemental point of view, understand the power of words and learn how to frame a difficult conversation to get the best results.

 By the end of the workshop, you will know how to handle emotions, perceptions and expectations with competence and confidence so that both parties walk away satisfied while the relationship remains intact.


Negotiation skills training specific for women

Several Negotiation Workshops for women available:


  • Salary Negotiation
  • Don’t be nice, communicate with authority
  • Sit at the table and get that promotion: Negotiating for career success

T H E   W O R K S H O P S


  • Are highly practical and interactive.
  • Build confidence and create self-awareness.
  • Help manage anxiety when faced with conflict.
  • Create confident and competent negotiators who get what they want.

 You will be able to communicate confidently with authority stating your demands in a professional, authentic and assertive fashion.

About Us

Team of Negotiators

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Chief Negotiation Officer and Founder

Octalo Negotiation is her lifelong ambition to run her own company that helps businesses and individuals maximize their potential, make more money and increase their bottom line.

Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson

Negotiation Strategist

Matthew has a wealth of commercial experiences working for some of the most well-known corporate businesses. He is challenging and thought provoking ensuring that clients have a well laid out strategy.

Silke Wenzel

Silke Wenzel

Chief Financial Officer

Silke is an experienced business professional with a passion for business improvement through process analysis, change management and strong leadership.



Master Negotiator

Octavia can teach us a lot about negotiation. She is not scared of asking for what she wants and she does not worry about what other people think of her. She is able to maximize any deal!


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