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When are negotiation skills needed?

Negotiation concerns us all because everyone negotiates; be it at work, at home, when you buy something or when you need to fix a dispute with someone. That is when negotiation skills are needed. The better your negotiation skills the more successful the outcome.

Ivonne can be booked for speaking engagements on the topic of negotiation and conflict resolution at your next event or conference. She will challenge mindsets and make people think about what they need to change in order to become better skilled negotiators.

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About Us

Team of Negotiators

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Chief Negotiation Officer and Founder

Octalo Negotiation is her lifelong ambition to run her own company that helps businesses and individuals maximize their potential, make more money and increase their bottom line.

Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson

Negotiation Strategist

Matthew has a wealth of commercial experiences working for some of the most well-known corporate businesses. He is challenging and thought provoking ensuring that clients have a well laid out strategy.

Silke Wenzel

Silke Wenzel

Chief Financial Officer

Silke is an experienced business professional with a passion for business improvement through process analysis, change management and strong leadership.



Master Negotiator

Octavia can teach us a lot about negotiation. She is not scared of asking for what she wants and she does not worry about what other people think of her. She is able to maximize any deal!


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