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I recently attended a negotiation workshop facilitated by Dr Ivonne Ranisch. To say the course was excellent would be an understatement – it enabled me to reflect on my power in negotiations and employ tactics I learnt and had practical examples of. I strongly recommend anyone seeking to upskill their negotiation skills to attend Dr Ivonne’s workshop – I can’t thank her enough!’ – Business Development Lead, Uniting

Why our clients want to work with us

I had the pleasure of participating in Ivonne’s Octalo Negotiation Workshop. The workshop puts theory into practice and allows for self reflection when learning how to negotiate. I have learnt invaluable skills that I have already put into practice and seen immediate results! Ivonne is not only a negotiation expert, she is a fantastic coach who is able to captivate your attention all the while creating an immersive experience. I highly recommend Ivonne if you are looking to enhance your negotiation skills and achieve tangible results!’ Marketing/Brand/Strategy, Uniting

Even the most skilled and experienced negotiators will benefit from Ivonne’s coaching and the Octalo Negotiation Skills Workshop. The workshop hit the right balance between theory and practice. We got to practice the concepts in a variety of settings starting from simple one on one transactions building to complex multiparty negotiations. The skills we covered were immediately useful.’ Commercial Manager, Greengate

The workshop was so informative. We all had the opportunity to work and challenge ourselves in a different environment , I would strongly recommend this workshop as we all have negotiate one way or another’ Territory Sales, Geodis Wilson

‘I recently attended Ivonne’s Octalo Negotiation Workshop and immediately after I successfully implemented some of the negotiation techniques in a real life professional scenario – with a much better deal as the outcome! I was very impressed by Ivonne’s professionalism and how she effortlessly managed a group of high performance professionals over two very intense days. It was fun, it was challenging and it was insightful, both on a professional and a personal level. From a firsthand experience – I can genuinely recommend attending one of Ivonne’s workshops.’ Department of Justice, NSW


‘I attended a two-day workshop on negotiation that was facilitated by Ivonne and came away with immediate skills and increased awareness that I have since applied. As a small group (5 attendees, from different industries) we undertook a range of increasingly complex negotiations guided by excellent coaching from Ivonne to navigate the negotiation variables. Leading up to the workshop I had reservations about the filming of negotiations, however I found the analysis of these immensely valuable in understanding the strategies, tactics and language of negotiation (it was also quite fun to review as a group). I would recommend the workshop to anyone interested in enhancing their negotiation skills.’Professor at Griffith University

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch is the founder and Chief Negotiation Officer of Octalo Negotiation. She is an expert in negotiation, influencing and dispute resolution.

Prior to founding Octalo Negotiation Ivonne had a long career in the international shipping and logistics industry. Dealing with many third party providers was not always smooth sailing and Ivonne quickly recognised the importance of good communication and negotiation skills. Over the years she has become an expert in dealing with tough negotiations and has made it her mission to teach people to become comfortable when dealing with uncomfortable situations. She is helping organisations with their negotiation strategies and improving the bottom line through better negotiation capabilities.

Throughout her career Ivonne has completed several degrees which make her highly qualified. She has a Bachelor in Business and Marketing, a Master in Science, and an MBA. In 2016 she completed her Doctor in Business Administration with her thesis topic ‘Women’s Leadership in Maritime Law Firms: The Australian Case, A Multiple Case Study. Throughout her career Ivonne has had a particular interest in women in leadership roles and working towards reducing gender pay gaps and gender inequality in leadership roles.

Prejudice, stereotyping and unconscious bias next to the structural hurdles that make female participation in the workforce harder would be the biggest contributing factors as to why progress is still slow. Part of her work is working with women teaching them to become better and more confident negotiators; negotiating higher salaries and faster promotions. Women often tend to wait until they are asked for a promotion or get given a pay rise rather than asking for it.

Ivonne works with a wide range of global and local businesses helping them develop effective and transformative negotiation capability through consulting, training and coaching. By developing successful negotiation strategies her clients are challenged through the assessment of their status quo and with the right tools and methodologies the right negotiation strategy is designed and executed. With this any negotiation becomes a success through deal maximization which directly improves the bottom line of your business.

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